How to Prepare for a Cyberattack


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Preventing cyberattacks isn’t easy. If it were, there wouldn’t be a continuous stream of ransomware attacks dominating news feeds, nor would the president of the United States feel compelled to issue executive orders on cybersecurity or to declare that ransomware attacks should be treated like terrorism.

While preventing cyberattacks isn’t easy, avoiding one is a matter of luck, proper planning or a combination of both. It is, after all, important to remember that attackers play by their own rules, and increasingly they’re looking to hit a proverbial home run with a large payout, like the one Colonial Pipeline made following their ransomware attack.

When it comes to defending against a cyberattack, I’d much prefer to be prepared and have a little bit of luck on my side than to pick up the pieces after a cybersecurity incident. With that in mind, here is a blueprint you can use to help prepare for a cyberattack and, ideally, avoid becoming a victim of one altogether.

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