How to find a person and recognize their pose using Wi-Fi


To find a (honest) man, Diogenes famously used a lantern – the philosopher relied solely on optical recognition methods. Today, however, scientists suggest using Wi-Fi signals for this purpose. More specifically, the method developed by three researchers at Carnegie Mellon University uses the signal from an ordinary home Wi-Fi router to not only pinpoint a person’s location in a room, but also to identify their pose.

Why Wi-Fi? There are several reasons for this. Firstly, unlike optical recognition, radio signals work perfectly in the dark and aren’t hindered by small obstacles like furniture. Secondly, it’s cheap, which can’t be said for lidars and radars – other tools that could potentially do the job. Thirdly, Wi-Fi is already ubiquitous – just reach out and grab it. But just how effective is this method? And what can you do with it? Let’s dive in.

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