How quickly can things go horribly wrong if a hacker steals your Facebook credentials?


Hackers can access a person’s Facebook account in so many ways. The user might be reusing passwords, and the hackers might be able to use credentials from previous cyber leaks to access a Facebook account.

Users might fall for a phishing email and unintentionally give away their login credentials. Alternatively, a person can accidentally get malicious keylogger malware onto the device that records keystrokes and sends them to the attackers. No matter how, if the bad actors get access to a social media account, they can capitalize on it quickly.

Real-life consequences: Pete Gagliardo’s story

A retired fireman, Pete Gagliardo, learned it the hard way. Hackers took over his Facebook account and started selling stuff to his friends. The unsuspecting social media pals thought that the adverts suddenly appearing on the New Jersey man’s Facebook wall were legit and started “buying” things from Pete.

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