How Multi-Stage Phishing Attacks Exploit QRs, CAPTCHAs, and Steganography


Phishing attacks are steadily becoming more sophisticated, with cybercriminals investing in new ways of deceiving victims into revealing sensitive information or installing malicious software. One of the latest trends in phishing is the use of QR codes, CAPTCHAs, and steganography. See how they are carried out and learn to detect them.


Quishing, a phishing technique resulting from the combination of “QR” and “phishing,” has become a popular weapon for cybercriminals in 2023.

By concealing malicious links within QR codes, attackers can evade traditional spam filters, which are primarily geared towards identifying text-based phishing attempts. The inability of many security tools to decipher the content of QR codes further makes this method a go-to choice for cybercriminals.

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