How (and Why) Hacker Forums Self-Moderate


hacker ransomware breach malware

“Everything in moderation,” the saying goes. But it may come as a surprise that this expression even seems to apply to many of the hacker forums littered across the dark web. On the surface, these forums may appear to be a lawless landscape, but there are some activities even hacker forums ban because they tend to attract too much heat.

Most recently, ransomware has been the focus of attention from security professionals and malicious actors alike. Throughout 2020, at least 59 hospitals and health care centers were impacted by ransomware, a trend that continued into 2021 with further attacks on critical infrastructure. Colonial Pipeline fell victim to a ransomware attack that cost it nearly $5 million. JBS paid nearly $11 million after its meatpacking plants were disrupted by ransomware. 

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