Hackers Using Cheat Lures to Distribute Powerful Information Stealer Malware

From gbhackers.com

Hackers Using Cheat Lures to Distribute Powerful Stealer Malware

A malware distribution campaign has been detected recently by Korean cybersecurity researchers and ASEC security firm. In this malicious campaign, to trick the Velorant players on YouTube, the hackers are using the Valorant cheat lures.

By using the Valorant cheat lures, hackers trick the players into downloading a powerful information stealer malware, known as “RedLine.”

Since YouTube’s new content submission review is easy to bypass, that’s why the threat actors abuse this system and then create new accounts when they are reported or blocked.

In this malicious campaign, the hackers are targeting the users of the Valorant gaming community by providing them with a link to download a fake auto-aiming bot.

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