Hackers used new Windows Defender zero-day to drop DarkMe malware

From bleepingcomputer.com

Microsoft has patched today a Windows Defender SmartScreen zero-day exploited in the wild by a financially motivated threat group to deploy the DarkMe remote access trojan (RAT).

The hacking group (tracked as Water Hydra and DarkCasino) was spotted using the zero-day (CVE-2024-21412) in attacks on New Year’s Eve day by Trend Micro security researchers.

“An unauthenticated attacker could send the targeted user a specially crafted file that is designed to bypass displayed security checks,” Microsoft said in a security advisory issued today.

“However, the attacker would have no way to force a user to view the attacker-controlled content. Instead, the attacker would have to convince them to take action by clicking on the file link.”

Trend Micro security researcher Peter Girnus, credited for reporting this zero-day, revealed that the CVE-2024-21412 flaw bypasses another Defender SmartScreen vulnerability (CVE-2023-36025).

CVE-2023-36025 was patched during the November 2023 Patch Tuesday, and, as Trend Micro revealed last month, it was also exploited to bypass Windows security prompts when opening URL files to deploy the Phemedrone info-stealer malware.

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