Hackers mount attacks on Webmin servers, Pulse Secure, and Fortinet VPNs

From zdnet.com

To nobody’s surprise, hacker groups have started exploiting vulnerabilities that have been made public earlier this month, taking advantage of public technical details and demo exploit code to launch attacks against real-world targets.

Attacks have started this week, and they’ve been seen targeting Webmin, a web-based utility for managing Linux and *NIX systems, but also enterprise VPN products such as Pulse Secure and Fortinet’s FortiGate.

All three types of attacks are equally dangerous, as they target devices in enterprise networks, and allow attackers to take full control of the attacked systems.

Without exaggerating, this week’s attacks against Webmin, Pulse Secure, and Fortinet FortiGate are some of the worst this year, not because of volume, but because of the sensitive nature of the systems they target.

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