Hackers Leak Hundreds of German Politicians’ Personal Data

From bankinfosecurity.com

Hundreds of members of the German parliament, Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as numerous local celebrities have had their personal details and other sensitive information leaked online.

The information, including financial details, contact information, memos and private chats, was leaked in December but only recently spotted.

The leak includes details for German celebrities as well as members of six of the seven main political parties in the Bundestag lower house, including the ruling center-right and center-left parties, as well as The Greens, left-wing party Die Linke and the Free Democratic Party, the BBC reported.

But there’s a notable exception: No members of the far-right Alternative for Germany – AfD – saw their personal details get spilled, according to German media reports. It’s not clear, however, if that’s a clue to the perpetrator’s identity or a false flag.

“Whoever is behind this wants to damage faith in our democracy and its institutions,” says Justice Minister Katarina Barley in a statement.

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