Graff multinational jeweller hit by Conti gang. Data of its rich clients are at risk, including Trump and Beckham


graff diamond

The latest attack of the Conti ransomware gang makes the headlines, the threat actors hit high society jeweller Graff and asked the payment of a multi-million ransom to avoid leaking details of world leaders, actors and tycoons.

The customers of the company are the richest people on the globe, including Donald Trump, David Beckham,Tom Hanks, Samuel L Jackson, Alec Baldwin, and Sir Philip Green.

As proof of the hack, the group already published on its leak site files related to purchases made by David Beckham, Oprah, and Donald Trump.

The Conti gang has already leaked 69,000 confidential documents, leaked files include customer lists, invoices, receipts, and credit notes.

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