Google warns of system-controlling Chrome bug


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Google is patching a serious bug in the desktop version of its Chrome browser that could let an attacker take over a computer simply by luring users to a website. A fix for the bug, which affects the desktop version of Chrome on macOS, Windows, and Linux, will be available in the coming days, the company said. The flaw doesn’t affect the iOS or Android versions of Chrome.

The bug lies in Blink, the rendering engine that underpins Chrome. A rendering engine is the part of the browser that interprets HTML and creates the visuals you see when you visit a website.

Blink is part of the open-source Chromium project on which Chrome is based. The Chromium team created Blink in 2013 as a fork of WebCore, which is a part of WebKit, the browser engine that Apple uses for its Safari browser.

An attacker could exploit this serious bug if a user visits a malicious webpage, according to an advisory issued by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) issued a day after Google’s blog post on the issue.

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