Google: Spyware vendors behind 50% of zero-days exploited in 2023


Britain’s National Cyber Security Center is warning that criminals and nation-state hacking groups, confronted with well-managed corporate cybersecurity defenses, have turned their sights to individual personal devices and accounts.

“In recent years there have been a number of targeted cyberattacks against high-risk individuals in the U.K., to attempt to gain access to their accounts and devices,” says the alert from the NCSC, the public-facing arm of signals intelligence agency GCHQ – a sister agency to the U.S. National Security Agency. “This has resulted in the theft and publication of sensitive information, which can also cause reputational damage.”

The cyber agency said its alert comes on the heels of highly targeted attacks. “This is not a mass campaign against the public but a persistent effort to target people whom attackers consider to hold information of interest,” says its guidance for high-risk individuals (see: UK Discloses Chinese Espionage Activities).

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