Going Passwordless: Cybersecurity for the New Decade

From securityboulevard.com

passwordless Future Without Passwords

Passwords are deeply ingrainetd in all aspects of our digital reality. A year ago, NordPass estimated that the average person had 70 to 80 passwords. And yet, password compromises and shared secrets remain the number-one cause for hacking-related breaches. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic driving the rapid shift to remote work, coupled with the cybersecurity pressures following a slew of significant cyberattacks in 2020, the urgency to move away from passwords has never been greater.

Organizations are being forced to look closely at password authentication, specifically asked to justify the costs associated with password support, reevaluating the impact on user experience and, most importantly, justifying whether the password is truly doing what it is intended to do – protect the organization from an online attack. Most quickly realize that, no, passwords are antiquated, are a major cause of frustration and, ironically, are risk drivers.

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