Ghostscript bug could allow rogue documents to run system commands


Even if you haven’t heard of the venerable Ghostscript project, you may very well have used it without knowing.

Alternatively, you may have it baked into a cloud service that you offer, or have it preinstalled and ready to go if you use a package-based software service such as a BSD or Linux distro, Homebrew on a Mac, or Chocolatey on Windows.

Ghostscript is a free and open-source implementation of Adobe’s widely-used PostScript document composition system and its even-more-widely-used PDF file format, short for Portable Document Format. (Internally, PDF files rely on PostScript code to define how to compose a document.)

For example, the popular open-source graphics program Inkscape uses Ghostscript behind the scenes to import EPS (Embedded PostScript) vector graphics files, such as you might download from an image library or receive from a design company.

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