Ghidra 101: Loading Windows Symbols (PDB files) in Ghidra 10.x



In this blog series, I will be putting the spotlight on useful Ghidra features you may have missed. Each post will look at a different feature and show how it helps you save time and be more effective in your reverse engineering workflows. Ghidra is an incredibly powerful tool, but much of this power comes from knowing how to use it effectively.

In this post, I will again be going over how to use Ghidra to download symbols from a PDB Symbol Server and apply them to a loaded program. As noted in the previous post on this feature, PDB support is a rapidly evolving feature. Ghidra 10.x has made some considerable improvements including a new workflow with support for multiple local or remote symbol servers. This post contains updated steps for using Ghidra to download and apply symbols for a Windows OS binary. Please refer to the previous post for more information on the background of this feature.

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