German encrypted email service Tutanota suffers DDoS attacks


Encrypted email service, Tutanota suffered a series of DDoS attacks that initially targeted the website and later its DNS providers.

The company currently has over 2 million users, some of them were not able to access the service for several hours.

The first DDoS attacks targeted Tutanota on the weekend before September 14th, following the attacks a few hundred users were not able to access the service. The company quickly mitigated the attacks by restricting an “overreacting IP-block” responsible for the attack.

“This weekend continuous DDoS attacks and an infrastructure issue led to donwtimes for hundreds of users. While we were able to mitigate most of the DDoS, an overreacting IP-block to fight the attacks led to hundreds of users not being able to access Tutanota for multiple hours this Sunday. ” reads a blog post published by Tutanota.

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