For Apple users without latest security updates, the letter ‘d’ is not always the letter ‘d’


Apple users advised to install the company’s July security updates if they don’t want to fall victims to IDN homograph phishing attacks.

Most Apple users install updates, but there’s always a small group of people who, for various reasons, lag behind when it comes to installing updates, for one reason or another, legitimate, or not.

If you’re one of the users in the latter category, then you should be aware that the letter “d” is not always the letter “d” when displayed inside the Safari address bar.

This might sound like a non-issue, but it’s actually a very important problem that all Apple users who don’t run the latest OS software need to be aware of, as they could fall victims to what security researchers call “IDN homograph attacks.”

IDN homograph attacks happen when someone registers a domain using Unicode characters that look like standard Latin letters, but they are not. For example, coinḃ is an IDM homograph attack for (notice the dot above the letter b).

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