FlawedAmmy: Dangerous RAT enteres most wanted malware list

From helpnetsecurity.com

The latest Check Point Global Threat Index reveals that while cryptomining malware continues to dominate the rankings, a remote access Trojan has reached the top ten’s list for the first time.


During the month of October, Check Point researchers discovered a widespread malware campaign spreading a remote access trojan (dubbed “FlawedAmmy”) that allows attackers to take over victims’ computers and data. The campaign was the latest and most widespread delivering the ‘FlawedAmmyy’ RAT, following a number of campaigns that have spread this malware in recent months. The Trojan allows attackers to gain full access to the machine’s camera and microphone, collect screen grabs, steal credentials and sensitive files, and intrusively monitor the victims’ actions.

As a result, FlawedAmmy is the first RAT to enter the Global Threat Index’s top 10 ranking.

Meanwhile, cryptomining malware continues to lead the Index, with Coinhive the most prevalent malware with a global impact of 18%, while Cryptoloot has risen to second on the list impacting 8% of organizations worldwide.

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