Finally, an AI that can reliably catch and undo Photoshop airbrushing. Who made it? Er, Photoshop maker Adobe



Video Artificial intelligence built by Adobe can detect how an image may have been manipulated using, er, Adobe Photoshop, and predict what a doctored picture should have looked like.

Eggheads at the software giant teamed up with academics at the University of California, Berkeley, to develop, and hopefully soon release, tools that, essentially, reverse the effects of Photoshop.

Adobe’s Adobe Face Aware Liquify feature allows users to warp the appearance of facial features. Smiles can be turned into frowns, faces can be made slimmer and more symmetric. However, Adobe – the tech goliath behind a family of applications that can digitally edit and enhance images for marketing, art, graphics design, and mischief – is now interested in catching out, er, digitally altered pictures.

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