False negative stretched routine software installation into four days of frustration

From theregister.com

ON CALL As the weekend approaches, a question for our readers: was your week a success? Asking because in this week’s instalment of On Call – The Register‘s regular reader-contributed stories of techies being asked to assess the asinine – a failure to recognize success was the crux of the matter.

To start this tale, meet a reader we’ll Regomize as “Dieter” who was once a Linux admin at one of the US’s three big carmakers.

“The team I worked on took care of all sorts of Linux admin tasks, including working with software vendors to get their kit installed and tested in the corporate network,” Dieter told On Call.

“Most of the time the software was already purchased and licensed by the time we sat down to install it. But there were those rare occasions where the IT leadership wanted to take the packages for a test drive before paying the vendor,” he explained. When the bosses decided on that approach, they enabled verbose logging and debugging.

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