Facebook Like, social sharing buttons on your website may land you in GDPR hot water if data goes a-wanderin’

From theregister.co.uk

In a case being considered by the European Court of Justice (CJEU), Advocate General Michal Bobek argued on Wednesday that website operators should share some responsibility with providers of embedded web widgets for ensuring that any data collection complies with legal requirements.

In other words, if you embed a Facebook ‘Like’ button or similar on your site, it’s on you to make sure information collected through that button is all above board, in terms of legal privacy obligations, or else you’re on the hook.

The case in question, Fashion ID GmbH & Co. KG v Verbraucherzentrale NRW eV, involves a German fashion retailer that placed a Facebook Like button on its website. As a result, visitors to that website provide data to Facebook, such as the visitor’s IP address, browser identification string and any relevant Facebook-issued cookies, simply by loading the page.

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