Facebook allegedly knew of Cambridge Analytica activity months prior to public reports

From zdnet.com

Facebook allegedly knew about Cambridge Analytica’s data practices months before the media exposed the scandal, court filings suggest.

The scandal, first exposed by The Guardian in 2015, revealed that Cambridge Analytica had managed to obtain data on millions of Facebook users in the UK, US, and beyond, made possible through “improper sharing” practices conducted between an app developer and the company.

It is believed that up to 87 million users were impacted and had their data shared without consent for the purposes of voter profiling.

Facebook has since been fined £500,000 by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), a penalty the social networking giant intends to appeal.

In a court filing by the attorney general for Washington DC, as reported by the publication, the allegation has now surfaced that Facebook knew of Cambridge Analytica’s data-scraping scheme months ahead of the public.

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