Exclusive: Samsung’s NEON Revealed – Leaked Trailer Looks Perfectly Human!

From hardware.slashdot.org

The Verge has been investigating Samsung’s “artificial human” project Neon, which seems to be about creating realistic human avatars:A tweet from the project’s lead and some leaked videos pretty much confirm this — although they don’t give us nearly enough information to judge how impressive Neon is. The lead of Neon, computer-human interaction researcher Paranav Mistry, tweeted this image, apparently showing one of the project’s avatars. Mistry says the company’s “Core R3” technology can now “autonomously create new expressions, new movements, new dialog (even in Hindi), completely different from the original captured data….”

In a recent interview, Mistry made clear he thinks “digital humans” will be a major technology in the 2020s… “While films may disrupt our sense of reality, ‘virtual humans’ or ‘digital humans’ will be reality. A digital human could extend its role to become a part of our everyday lives: a virtual news anchor, virtual receptionist, or even an AI-generated film star.”

Reddit users also found the URLs for videos in the source code on Neon’s home page — and though the videos have since been removed, some of the footage has been archived and analyzed on YouTube.

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