Evolving Threat Landscape of Hacktivism in Colombia

From blog.cyble.com

In the aftermath of the arrest of hacker “Org0n” by Colombian Authorities, various hacktivists showed their resentment by actively participating in #OpColombia and #FreeOrg0n propaganda campaigns.

When law enforcement agencies apprehend a prominent hacker or hacktivist, it often serves as a rallying point for other hacktivists to react.

Similarly, this arrest galvanized and inspired hacktivist groups like SiegedSec and GhostSec to launch immediate attacks on Colombian State authorities. Generally, such attacks may be restricted to DDoS attacks on websites. However, in this case, the Critical Infrastructure of the Colombian government was targeted, and a huge quantum of data was also leaked.

This particular incident demonstrates the interconnected nature of hacktivist activities, where actions against one individual can inadvertently fuel the determination and momentum of others within the community and put the governance of a country in dire straits.

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