Evolution of JSWorm ransomware

From malware.news


Over the past few years, the ransomware threat landscape has been gradually changing. We have been witness to a paradigm shift. From the massive outbreaks of 2017, such as WannaCryNotPetya, and Bad Rabbit, a lot of ransomware actors have moved to the covert but highly profitable tactic of “big-game hunting”. News of ransomware causing an outage of some global corporation’s services has now become commonplace.

In some cases, this global trend is just a reflection of the continuous life cycle of threats: old ransomware families shut down and new ones appear and pursue new targets. However, there are times when a single ransomware family has evolved from a mass-scale operation to a highly targeted threat – all in the span of two years. In this post we want to talk about one of those families, named JSWorm.

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