Europol and TikTok collaborate to bolster efforts against terrorist content


TikTok regularly publishes content removal statistics for violent extremism content in its quarterly transparency reports. The latest report shows that TikTok proactively removed 95% of violent extremism content.

As part of the joint exercise, some 2 145 pieces of content were assessed and flagged to TikTok for voluntary review against their terms of service. Among the referred content were items linked to jihadism and violent right-wing extremism and terrorism, such as videos and memes. 

The action was put in motion by Spain and the EU IRU, in cooperation with law enforcement authorities from Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

This Referral Action Day is part of an ongoing public-private partnership between TikTok, law enforcement agencies and Europol that aims to address terrorists’ abuse of the internet, prevent online radicalisation and safeguard fundamental rights.

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