European Commission: No Evidence of Issues With Kaspersky Products


The European Commission has no evidence of issues associated with using Kaspersky Lab’s products, a document published this week reveals.

In June last year, the European Parliament passed a resolution that describes the security company’s software as being malicious.

Kaspersky was alleged to have ties to Russian intelligence and spy for Moscow, which determined the U.K., the Netherlands and Lithuania to move away from the company’s products. The United States banned the use of Kaspersky solutions in government agencies.

Responding to a March 2019 inquiry from Gerolf Annemans, European Parliament member from Belgium, the Commission confirmed that it doesn’t know of problems with the security company’s products.

Citing Germany, France, and Belgium, which all said they found no issues with the use of Kaspersky products, Annemans asked the European Commission if it knows of “any reason other than certain press articles that justifies the labelling of Kaspersky as ‘dangerous’ or ‘malicious’.”

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