Encrypted mail service Proton hands suspect’s personal info to cops again

From theregister.com

INFOSEC IN BRIEF Encrypted email service Proton Mail is in hot water again from some quarters, and for the same thing that earned it flack before: Handing user data over to law enforcement. 

Proton, which offers several services it touts as being secure and safe, includes an end-to-end encrypted email product. Ostensibly designed for the privacy conscious, Proton claims to be unable to read the content of email and attachments, be free of trackers and ads, and have the “highest standards of privacy.” 

Be as that may, there is still user info Proton has access to and can be pressured to divulge. In 2021, the Switzerland-based vendor provided Swiss police with the IP address and device details of a netizen the cops were trying to identify. That individual – a French climate activist – was later arrested after Proton shared the same data with French police. 

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