Emotet Malware’s New Evasion Technique Lets Hacked Device Used as Proxy command and control (C&C) servers

From gbhackers.com

Emotet malware

A new wave of Emotet malware using a special type of evasion technique to fool the security software and hide the POST-infection traffic and evade the detection.

Also it initially uses the hacked devices as proxy command and control (C&C) servers and redirects the traffic to the original C&C server that operating by threat actors.

Emotet is one of the notorious malware family that infects various victims around the would and the operator behind this malware earned millions of Dollars.

Researchers says that the traffic is very complex to analyse due to various evasion technique that is being used during the malware development phase.

Emotet malware is being used to compromise and collect vulnerable connected devices, which could become resources for other malicious purposes.

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