Emotet malware tweaks tactics in fresh attack wave

From zdnet.com

The Emotet Trojan, a thorn in the side of financial institutions and your average individual alike, is back with new techniques and an upsurge in attacks.

According to researchers from Menlo Security, since mid-January 2019, Emotet has been used in a rapid stream of campaigns which have evolved to infect even more systems.

Emotet was first discovered back in 2014 and is now considered one of the most destructive and insidious financial Trojans in existence.

Once known simply as an individual, self-propagating Trojan with little to recommend itself, the threat actors behind the malware, dubbed Mealybug, have created a malware-as-a-service business based on the Trojan in recent years — pivoting the malware to a threat distribution platform available to other cyberattackers.

The modular Emotet software now usually acts as a distribution and packing system for other malicious payloads, but is also able to brute-force computer systems, generate Business Email Compromise (BEC) messages in compromised accounts for the purposes of spam campaigns, create backdoors, and steal financial data.

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