Dutch Research Council (NWO) confirms DoppelPaymer ransomware attack

From securityaffairs.co

Dutch Research Council (NWO)

On February 14, Dutch Research Council (NWO) was hit by a cyber attack that compromised its network and impacted its operations.

In response to the incident, the Dutch Research Council (NWO) was forced to take its servers offline.

The attackers stole documents from the NWO and demanded a ransom to avoid leaking them online, but the research council refused to pay.

“On 8 February, the DoppelPaymer hacker group gained access to the NWO network. As part of the Dutch national government, NWO does not address the demands of criminals on grounds of principle. That is why DoppelPaymer started on 24 February to leak internal NWO documents from the past years on the dark web.” reads an update published by the company.

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