Doctor Web’s November 2020 review of virus activity on mobile devices


According to statistics collected by Dr.Web for Android #drweb

Dr.Web ant-virus products for Android detected 5.14% fewer threats compared to October. According to detection statistics, the number of malware found on protected devices decreased by 8.37%. The number of unwanted apps, riskware and adware, on the contrary, increased by 5.78%, 13.16% and 5.72% respectively.

The Android.Mixi.44.origin trojan was among the threats found on Google Play last month. It loads various websites and displays them on top of other app windows. The trojan also opens URLs and helps cybercriminals generate scam profits by using the app installations users perform.

Our specialists also discovered new modifications of the trojans from the Android.Joker family. They primarily function to download and execute arbitrary code, intercepting incoming notifications and subscribing users to premium mobile services without their knowledge or consent.

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