Docker for Pentest – Image With The More Used Tools To Create A Pentest Environment Easily And Quickly


Docker for pentest is an image with the more used tools to create an pentest environment easily and quickly.


  • OS, networking, developing and pentesting tools installed.
  • Connection to HTB (Hack the Box) vpn to access HTB machines.
  • Popular wordlists installed: SecLists, dirb, dirbuster, fuzzdb, wfuzz and rockyou.
  • Proxy service to send traffic from any browsers and burp suite installed in your local directory.
  • Exploit database installed.
  • Tool for cracking password.
  • Linux enumeration tools installed.
  • Tools installed to discovery services running.
  • Tools installed to directory fuzzing.
  • Monitor for linux processes without root permissions
  • Zsh shell installed.

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