DLP Isn’t Dying – It’s Shifting Left to DSPM

From securityboulevard.com

At Symmetry, our mission has always been to safeguard the world’s data. We realize that with this lofty mission, we can’t do this alone. Traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions have a strong focus on the network, endpoints and email. As a result, they have been effective in reducing preventable data breaches and unauthorized data exposure through these vectors and will remain so. We don’t think DLP is dying, unlike the bold claim by Avivah Litan many years ago. However, system architecture and the digital economy is evolving, and so has the approach to data protection and to DLP. 

The concept of “shifting left” was popularized in the software development world. It is similarly doing so in DLP practices. Cloud architectures, the gravitational pull of data and the proliferation of APIs drives DLP practices left – closer to the data. These factors combine to keep data within the new cloud perimeter by enabling secure, seamless data integration across enterprise ecosystems. This blog explores why DLP has moved closer to data stores and how this shift is transforming data security strategies.

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