Discord dismantles Spy.pet site that snooped on millions of users

From theregister.com

INFOSEC IN BRIEF They say sunlight is the best disinfectant, and that appears to have been true in the case of Discord data harvesting site Spy.pet – as it was recently and swiftly dismantled after its existence and purpose became known.

The site, which has been slurping up public data on Discord users since November of last year, was outed to the world last week after it was discovered the platform contained messages belonging to nearly 620 million users from more than 14,000 Discord servers.

Any and all of the data was available for a price – Spy.pet offered to help law enforcement, people spying on their friends, or even those training AI models.

When Spy.pet was discovered, Discord told us that it was working to take action against anyone that’s violated its terms of service, but that it couldn’t share more.

Things are a bit clearer now.

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