DHS cyber safety board to probe Lapsus$ hacks

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DHS cyber safety board to probe Lapsus$ hacks

The Homeland Security Department on Friday announced its cyber review board would investigate a series of high-profile breaches attributed to the Lapsus$ group, a prolific global data extortion gang run by teenagers.

The Cyber Safety Review Board will evaluate how the hacking ring has “allegedly impacted some of the biggest companies in the world, in some cases with relatively unsophisticated techniques, and determine how we all can build resilience against innovative social engineering tactics and address the role of international partnerships in combating criminal cyber actors,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said during a press call.

He said the “ongoing Lapsus$ hacks represent just the type of activity that merits a fulsome review and can provide forward looking recommendations to improve the nation’s cybersecurity.”

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