Delivering A Secure IoT Network To Exploit Digital Twins


Organizations today face a tsunami of data and have turned to advanced digital solutions for real-time visibility across their entire value chain of assets and operations. An example of this technology is the digital twin, which has been augmented by rapid advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) and is one of the fastest growing applications of industrial IoT.

Simply put, a digital twin is a digital reflection of a person, place or thing that correlates all information – including historical data, current operations and environmental conditions – related to that person, place or thing. An industrial example of a digital twin is the correlated information for a hydraulic pump deployed on a plant floor. A digital twin is created for the pump and maintained to allow identification, simulation, analysis and control of that pump. As more information is acquired, the digital twin becomes more useful, enabling evolution from reactive to predictive support. A digital twin solution enables staff to navigate the information in operationally-relevant views, within commonly used user interfaces. 

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