Deepfakes and AI-Driven Disinformation Threaten Polls


I’ve participated in many elections over the years, both pre-Internet and post-Internet, and the last few elections have seen massive shifts in how citizens get their information and news. With 2024 having many elections occurring around the world, and the US looking at a Presidential election in November, we’re already seeing some concerning aspects of what is to come. In my opinion, misinformation/disinformation campaigns are the most significant challenges we will have as citizens trying to figure out what news is real or fake. The technological advances over the past few years have allowed anyone worldwide to post information on the Internet about any topic they want. Whether this is using bots in social media to spread information quickly and broadly or newer deepfake technologies that can imitate a person via video or audio just by asking an app to create any messages they want, people are finding it harder and harder to identify what is real versus fake. 

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