DDoS attacks surge as cybercriminals take advantage of the pandemic

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DDoS attacks pandemic

DDoS attacks reached a record high during the pandemic as cybercriminals launched new and increasingly complex attacks, a Link11 report reveals.

The analysis showed a boom in DDoS attacks that were closely linked to the pandemic.

Key stats

  • Boom in attacks: From February to September 2020, the number of DDoS attacks nearly doubled and was on average 98% higher than in the same period last year. It Is estimated that there were 50 million DDoS attacks worldwide over twelve months.
  • Increased attack volumes: High-volume attacks of over 50 Gpbs became a problem for inadequately protected businesses.
  • Complex attacks: 59% of incidents used so-called multi-vector attacks, which are harder to prevent and defend against.
  • New attack techniques: Numerous new DDoS vectors were detected; in particular, DVR DHCPDiscovery, Plex Media Server, and Citrix Netscaler stood out.
  • High attack frequency: The attackers increasingly relied on short, repetitive attacks lasting for hours and days.
  • The longest DDoS attack was 5,698 minutes equating to four full days of continuous bombardment.

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