Data – lots of data! What the IoT creates, and how best to manage it



It has been well publicised by global analyst giants, IDC and Gartner, that the IoT space is predicted to explode in the years up to 2020 and beyond. While estimates on the numbers of smart, connected devices may vary, the one thing everyone can agree on is that we’re looking at tens of billions of new connected devices accessing the Internet by 2020. Naturally, with billions of new connected devices accessing networks and the Internet, questions around data storage and security are front of mind.

With the disparate nature of the IoT and the variety of sectors it serves, the devices themselves have the potential to be located (literally) anywhere around the globe: from a smart meter in a home, or a sensor on a remote weather station, to devices in the stomachs of cows alerting farmers when to milk the heard, connected devices know no bounds in terms of locations or applications.

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