Data collection cheat sheet: how Parler, Twitter, Facebook, MeWe’s data policies compare


Alternative social media platforms, also known as “alt” or alt-tech, were catapulted into the spotlight near the end of 2020 due to US President Donald Trump’s claims of election interference. 

Twitter-alternative Parler in particular is in the spotlight after being banned from Google’s Play store and Apple’s App Store. Its hosting provider, Amazon Web Services, has also removed the platform from its services, meaning that at this moment, Parler’s platform is inaccessible.

To make matters even worse for the platform, a security researcher was able to collect more than 70 terabytes, which equals 70,000 gigabytes, of Parler users’ messages, videos, audio, and all other activity. Due to this breach, it will be important to see whether promises made in Parler’s privacy policy will hold up with the data it actually collected and maintained in its servers.

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