Data breaches from insiders can cost as much as 20% of annual revenue


BetterCloud released “Data Security Report 2021: Top Risks in File Security.” BetterCloud surveyed more than 500 IT and security professionals—and examined internal BetterCloud data from thousands of organizations and users—to understand their top challenges, priorities, and the magnitude of data loss and sensitive information leaks.

“Last year, remote work became widespread, speeding digital transformation and SaaS adoption. With it came more collaboration, file sharing and an overall boost in productivity—which employees and businesses have embraced,” said David Politis, CEO, BetterCloud. “But it’s also brought about a host of new SaaS file security requirements and challenges due to the surge in remote access to networks and business data. Our findings clearly show this is a growing concern, but they also show companies aren’t investing enough in SaaS file security—thus increasing the risk for potential incidents, whether intentional or unintentional.”

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