Dark Web monitoring and scanning explained

From cybersecurity.att.com

Shady deals often occur in darkness – criminal activities require secrecy to cloak their illicit nature. Today, you can find those dark places on the fringes of the internet, known as the Dark Web. More often than not, this is the place where cybercriminals go to monetize the data they’ve acquired as the result of a breach.

What is Dark Web scanning? 

As the name suggests, Dark Web scanning works by searching the Dark Web to locate any stolen personal data and then alerting you if personal information is found for yourself or members in your organization. This enables you to then take the appropriate steps to help mitigate any potential damage/incidents. It should be noted that not all data exposed in data breaches ends up on the Dark Web, so if your data isn’t found this doesn’t guarantee that you haven’t been breached.

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