D-Link Agrees to 10 Years of Security Audits to Settle FTC Charges

From thehackernews.com

d-link wireless router security

Taiwanese networking equipment manufacturer D-Link has agreed to implement a “comprehensive software security program” in order to settle a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuit alleging that the company didn’t take adequate steps to protect its consumers from hackers.

Your wireless router is the first line of defense against potential threats on the Internet.

However, sadly, most widely-used routers fail to offer necessary security features and have often found vulnerable to serious security flaws, eventually enabling remote attackers to unauthorizedly access networks and compromise the security of other devices connected to it.

In recent years, the security of wireless networks has been more of a hot topic due to cyber attacks, as well as has gained headlines after the discovery of critical vulnerabilities—such as authentication bypassremote code executionhard-coded login credentials, and information disclosure—in routers manufactured by various brands.

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