Cybersecurity Predictions: What Trends Will Be Prevalent in 2024?


The evolving digital environment and expanding attack surface demand vigilant adaptation to stay one step ahead of adversaries. Recognizing when to shift priorities and understanding specific dangers to cybersecurity is not just critical for organizational budgets; it is the cornerstone of a robust security strategy, and will continue to be in 2024 and in the foreseeable future.

In our exploration at the end of 2022, we delved into the prevailing trends shaping the cybersecurity landscape, projecting their continuity into 2023 while anticipating certain shifts. Key focal points included the influence of AI support, the impact of global events, and the ever-expanding attack surface. Referencing our previous insights in the blog post “Ten Things Will Change Cybersecurity in 2023,” we set the stage for what we are about to unveil in 2024.

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