Cybersecurity Leaders on Insider Threat Awareness Month


insider threat Palo Alto network IP theft

September marks the third annual National Insider Threat Awareness Month, launched by various federal agencies to highlight the growing danger insider threats pose to national security.

Though the initiative has successfully increased awareness of the risks associated with insider threats, many organizations remain susceptible to attacks. In fact, 60% of organizations have more than 20 insider attack incidents a year, according to IBM. The cost related to these incidents was over $2.7 million in 2020, showing there is still much progress to be made in fortifying cybersecurity defenses.

Insider threats are a complex and multi-faceted problem, and while the topic most often comes up in the context of larger organizations, the general principles to prevent insider abuse are applicable to organizations of all sizes. A comprehensive security program that covers both preparedness and visibility is the foundation to successful early identification of looming insider issues.

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