Cybersecurity in the Cloud: The Challenging Hurdles It Has To Overcome


Cloud Security Challenges

Organizations embracing cloud environments must understand that cloud applications and services have become popular targets for cybercriminals. A few notable and inherent risks with cloud deployments include:

API Vulnerabilities

Unfortunately, API exploits are on the rise, costing organizations dearly. Whether it’s stolen data or denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, an API security breach can put data in the hands of criminals and cost a company its hard-won reputation in the blink of an eye.

To avoid API vulnerability exploits:

  • Review APIs currently in use and keep a comprehensive record of all APIs in your environment. Keep logs from these APIs.
  • Implement rate limiting to prevent criminals from DoS attacks, in which a user floods an API with request pings in an effort to cause the system to crash and go offline.
  • Ensure strong authentication and session management controls, including enforcing strong passwords, defining session timeouts, and encrypting data in transmission.

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