Cyberattacks can cost APAC healthcare firms $23.3M

Healthcare organisations in Asia-Pacific can incur economic losses of up to US$23.3 million from cybersecurity incidents, though, 45 percent have either experienced or are not even sure if they have experienced a cyberattack.

Cyberattacks can cost Asia-Pacific healthcare organisations up to US$23.3 million in estimated economic losses, with 45 percent either experiencing or are not even sure if they have experienced a cybersecurity incident. In addition, just 18 percent amongst those that have experienced such threats looked at establishing a cybersecurity strategy before rolling out a digital transformation project. In comparison, 33 percent of their peers that have not encountered such incidents considered a cybersecurity component before doing so.

The remaining 49 percent either looked at cybersecurity only after they had embarked on their digital transformation initiatives or did not even consider security at all, according to a study conducted by Frost & Sullivan and commissioned by Microsoft. The survey polled 1,300 respondents from 13 Asia-Pacific markets, including China, India, Singapore, and Australia, of which 11 percent were from the healthcare sector.  

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