CVE-2022-0847 Vulnerability in Linux Kernel Can Be Used To Root Android


CVE-2022-0847 Root Android

A dirty pipe (CVE-2022-0847) vulnerability was discovered in the Linux Kernel earlier, which also affects Android systems, and Google is currently preparing a security update to fix this vulnerability. Some users ask me asking whether it is possible to root the phone by exploiting this vulnerability. Obviously, it can be done by exploiting the CVE-2022-0847 vulnerability.

A security researcher posted on Twitter that CVE-2022-0847 has been used to successfully gain root privileges on Google Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22. Both devices have the latest Android update installed but are still affected by the vulnerability, as Google has not released an update to address this flaw. In theory, as long as it is not fixed, it is very easy to exploit the vulnerability to gain root privileges.

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