Crypto trapdoor found in Swiss e-voting system


Researchers uncover flaw.

Crypto trapdoor found in Swiss e-voting system

A group of researchers have uncovered a cryptographic trapdoor in the Swiss government’s e-voting system that could allow vote manipulation to take place unbeknown to the authorities.

The problem centres around the way the country’s sVote system run by Swiss Post verifies votes – that is, the way they are received and actually counted – using a sequence of shuffle proofs.

This is despite claims the system, which like the NSW government’s iVote system uses software from the Spanish vendor Scytl, offers a form of proof dubbed “complete verifiability”.

The research paper by cryptography and privacy researchers Sarah Jamie Lewis, Oliver Pereira and Australia’s-own Venessa Teague reveals an issue with the soundness of the proof of correctness.

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